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wirral_hospice_gift_shop_elvesFundraising volunteers make up a major part of the fundraising team and without volunteer support in the gift shop, the Fundraising Office, our six charity shops and out at fundraising events the Hospice would struggle to raise the funds needed to provide the very important care that it gives to the Wirral community.

Our Hospice gift shop is open Monday-Friday 10am-4pm from September to January and is staffed by a team of dedicated volunteers who get the first glimpses of new stock, label them up and put them out for customers to see and, hopefully, buy. It is exciting every time new stock comes in and handbags and DSC_0211shoes always cause a bit of a stir within the office. This week, two of our shop volunteers, Linda and Barb, were labelling up some gorgeous new jewellery that had just arrived and they shared why they loved volunteering at the shop.  ‘I like being part of the fundraising team and giving something back’ says Linda, who looks forward to seeing customers she sees every year who buy their Christmas cards and gifts from our shop, Linda says ‘it’s really nice to get to know people and see them again and again’. Barb’s personal experience with the hospice bereavement group is part of why she volunteers ‘It was hard going to the group that first time, but I made some amazing friends and I’m glad I went’ Barb explained that she volunteers so that services like the bereavement group can continue.

DSCF5050The Fundraising Office has a volunteer on reception every day of the week, and each day in the office is different, along with answering calls on the reception desk, opening the post and doing admin duties, our office volunteers find themselves doing all manner of jobs to help the fundraising team each and every day. Sometimes it’s modelling the latest ebay item (we recently saw our Friday morning volunteer Pat out in the sunshine in a designer waterproof cape soon to appear on ebay– see picture), or wrapping the constant stream of raffle prizes for our events throughout the year, often our volunteers are answering the phone while labelling up the next weekend’s ever popular tombola. Karen, our Friday afternoon volunteer remembers coming in on a hot summer’s day wearing a Christmas jumper for a photograph for reopening of the Gift Shop (see above), Karen says ‘it was hot, but very funny and definitely worth it!’

Away from theJoanne Ashworth Fundraising Office we have six charity shops across Wirral; Claughton, Heswall, Liscard, Moreton, New Brighton and West Kirby. Each of these shops need on average twenty five volunteers per week to operate fully. This army of volunteers receive donations, organise and arrange stock, clean, tidy and decorate the shops along with greeting and selling to customers. Volunteers in these shops love to see what treasures have been donated, some of the largest being a 1980s trailer tent and a 1960s pram.  Sometimes we get some very unusual donations which cause a bit of a buzz among the retail team; often these rare beauties are taken back to the fundraising office to be listed on our ebay shop.

Along 03with volunteers who come into the Hospice and shops regularly we also have volunteers who come to our fundraising events and stalls to assist with tombolas, raffles, selling goods & refreshments etc.  Each event is different and there are many funny stories of wild British weather, or crazy fashion shows and fancy gala dinners. Behind many events there is a great deal of cake, and where we have refreshment stalls we have cakes lovingly baked for the Hospice by our baking volunteers who are called upon before an event to see if they are free to get cooking.  These donated cakes not only keep our refreshment stalls well stocked but provide great variety to each event, as there is always a different flavour available from the classic Victoria sponge to marmalade and butterscotch.

Our wonderful volunteers make the Hospice what it is today, whether they are in fundraising raising money, helping with the running of the hospice, serving refreshments in the Hub Café or supporting patients & their families, without their dedication and support the Hospice would struggle to exist.  We always need more volunteers and are looking for;

  • Fundraising Office Reception volunteer on Wednesday afternoons 1-4
  • Charity shop volunteers
  • Ebay volunteers

If you would like to join the fundraising team please call 0151 343 0778 or email and we will be able to provide you with more information on what opportunities are available.


Your rubbish can help us flourish by turning trash into cash #recycling #mobilephones #money #jewellery

I know when tidying I find old items that seem a waste to throw away, would be unsellable by a charity and are no longer of any use to me (early signs of hoarding…?).  I come across odd earrings; broken necklaces; old jewellery; old phones; coins and notes from various countries and so on.  Before I was unsure what to do with them (and they went into a box to think about later), but now I can take them into the office and pop them into our recycling box here in fundraising, safe in the knowledge that they are going to a good cause.

Here at Wirral Hospice St John’s we are able to raise money through recycling an ever increasing amount of unwanted items. We are looking to raise more money than ever before through our new recycling boxes which can be found at the Hospice and at any of our charity shops.


So when you’ve had a tidy you can now donate:

  •  Jewellery – gold, silver, costume jewellery, watches, broken and damaged items, like odd earrings or snapped chains.
  •  Unwanted currency – old and new, UK and foreign banknotes and coins, including all pre Euro notes that are now worthless to the public.
  • Gadgets – mobile phones, iPods, laptops, sat navs, games consoles, games, tablets, cameras and video cameras – even if these are old and damaged.

If you would like to help us recycle more than ever before then please pop into one of our local charity shops or into the Hospice and pop your jewellery, unwanted currency and gadgets into one our recycling boxes!

Our shops can be found here:

Claughton: 64 Upton Road, Claughton CH41 0DH
Heswall: 254 Telegraph Road, Heswall CH60 7SG
Liscard (bookshop): 18 Seaview Road, Liscard CH45 4LA
Moreton: 268 Hoylake Road, Moreton CH46 6AF
New Brighton: 118 Victoria Road, New Brighton CH45 2JF
West Kirby: 12 Banks Road, West Kirby CH48 4HB

 Author: Jacinta Warwick

#Recycling makes the world go round

Some of the ways we recycle

Here at Wirral Hospice St John’s we like to be inventive in our fundraising, from fancy executive balls, to car boot sales, duck races and our weekly lottery just to name a few.  We also recycle, so along with saving the planet – recycling helps to fund the amazing work the Hospice does.

We know that we all live in an increasingly throw away world, everything comes in disposable packaging, or has a limited life, new things become old so fast and it seems such a waste to keep throwing things into the bin.  Recycling has been around for a while now, and ‘green’ living is becoming increasingly a part of every day life for most.  We are all used to recycling paper, card, plastics and tins at home – but what about more expensive items like mobile phones, printer cartridges or clothes?

In the end everything has its value and it’s amazing what can be achieved through recycling, here are some stunning Hospice facts:

In 2012 we recycled nearly 14 tonnes of rags!

We  recycled over 120 trees worth of paper.

In the last three months of 2013 we recycled over 100 mobile phones.

We have received foreign currency from over a quarter of all the world’s countries including:

Australia; USA; Norway; Kenya; Canada; Croatia; Malaysia; Hong Kong; Turkey; Jamaica; Costa Rica; India; Swaziland; Czech Republic; China; Barbados; Singapore; Philippines; United Arab Emirates; Cyprus; Malawi; Poland; Latvia; New Zealand; South Africa; Hungary; Belgium; France; Spain; Portugal; Italy; Greece; Jordan; Switzerland; Israel; Mexico; Netherlands; Austria; Malta; Sweden; Chile; Lithuania;

Every year we recycle over 80 huge boxes of printer cartridges.

Over the last four years we have raised over £800 by recycling donated stamps!

We accept all of the above at our charity shops and at the Fundraising office at Wirral Hospice St John’s

So if you have any old mobile phones, scrap paper, foreign money, paper, printer cartridges, even gold –  help us to recycle and drop them off at any of or charity shops or at the Fundraising office.  Don’t forget – every donation to our charity shops also counts as recycling!

Author: Jacinta Warwick

Ways of supporting our Hospice’s work #charity # fundraising #volunteering #kindness

wirral_hospice_john_bear_craneJanuary and February are notoriously tight months; usually spending as little as possible to try and recover from the hit of Christmas presents and all the social events during the festive months (that have been known to start before September is even over. For some people at least!). Lots of big hearty home-cooked meals, rather than takeaways, and cutting back on non-essential spending, like expensive frothy coffees and shop-bought lunches.

Many of us use these early months as a great opportunity to kick-start or get back into fitness programmes. Aiming for a more honed, toned and healthy body by the time the sun makes a fleeting appearance later in the year. Well that’s the plan we initially dream of, some of us fall victim to temptation along the way.

Usually people feel a bit more relaxed financially by the end of March so it’s a good time to assess finances and the time we can offer to those around us. Running a family home can be expensive and can often take all of our time, we are all too aware of that, so not everyone can easily afford to spare money at the end of each month or volunteer for good causes.

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