Meet our models #2: Hayley Schiffer #hospice #fashion #show

wirral_hospice_fashion_show_hayley_claudia_schifferNext up is Hayley Gough, Community & Events Manager at Wirral Hospice St John’s. Hayley will also be modelling at our ‘Battle of the charity shops’ fashion show. She is very excited about a couple of her themes and her ‘tribal pose’ is certainly going to be a highlight! Hayley took some time to share her thoughts on the upcoming show (after demanding a re-write that is).

What are you most looking forward to on the night?

I can’t wait for my sci-fi spot, I’m loving the sci-fi specs I’m going to wear!

Do you know what you are going to be wearing?

Yes I know. All I can tell you is a couple of the themes… Sci-fi and Tribal… it’s going to be very different…

Our models are all members of hospice staff – who do you think is your greatest competition?

I know that Evangelista will be bringing her A-game!

What are you most nervous about?

Nothing – I don’t get nerves… honest

How are you preparing for the night?

I have been getting in a lot of practice, I’ve been doing my sci-fi walk in the kitchen at  home, and practising my tribal face in the mirror in the mornings, I can’t wait!

What music are you hoping will play when you debut on the catwalk?

Barry Manilow, he’s my favourite and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

 What are you demanding for your dressing room?

Well, there are a few things I am going to need – nothing unreasonable like some of the other models though, all I need is sparkling water, marshmallows, fresh flowers and Bovril – nice and simple.

Have you perfected your autograph yet? You are going to need it!

Yes, naturally I am ready and poised with my pen.

Finally what do you think of the likeness that has been drawn between yourself and Claudia Schiffer?

No comment – Claudia and I haven’t spoken for years!

If you want to see Hayley and the rest of our models strut their stuff at Heswall Hall on Friday 26th September, call 0151 343 0788 or visit one of our Hospice charity shops to buy your tickets.  

As good as her word, Margie Freeman #hospiceheroes

Pictured: Margie preparing goody bags for What Women Want 2013

Pictured: Margie preparing goody bags for What Women Want 2013

‘When you’ve got time, try and put a little bit back’ – a motto fundraising volunteer Margie Freeman lives by.

Between looking after grandchildren, gardening and cruising around the world it’s hard to see how she has any time to ‘put a little bit back’ let alone the four days a week she dedicates to the Hospice.  A Hospice volunteer for seven years, she now volunteers at two Hospice charity shops (which she has been with since they opened), the Fundraising Office, the Hospice Gift Shop, the Hospice lottery team, not to mention tonnes of events throughout the year – she must have a time machine!

When asked about all her volunteering, Margie just shrugs and says she likes to be busy and that she can think of nowhere better than Wirral Hospice St John’s to give something back.

There’s not much else you need to know, always there when you need her – Margie Freeman, hospice hero.


 Author: Jacinta Warwick

Pat Jefford – a labour of love #hospiceheroes

Left to Right - Pat Jefford and Helen Doherty share Pat's latest quilt with visitors to the New Brighton Charity shop

Left to Right – Pat Jefford and Helen Doherty share Pat’s latest quilt with visitors to the New Brighton Charity shop


100 squares, 3 months and reams of fabric later, New Brighton volunteer Pat Jefford unveiled her latest patchwork quilt to staff & volunteers at the New Brighton shop.  Pat has made quilts for Wirral Hospice St John’s before – one was sold at Heswall charity shop for £150.  However, Pat says that this quilt will be donated to Peachy a charity to support young people with emotional problems affecting their mental health, a cause close to her heart.

A professional curtain maker and avid sewer, Pat uses a 1950’s Singer hand sewing machine to create her patchwork wonders – she says as soon as she finishes one she starts another.  This one is sewed on peach fabric in honour of the charity it will go to; her quilts truly are a labour of love.

Author: Jacinta Warwick

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