Claire McLaughlin on why she loves volunteering at the Hospice #volunteersweek #hospiceheroes

wirral_hospice_volunteer_claire_mclaughlinClaire McLaughlin decided to become a volunteer at Wirral Hospice St John’s six years ago. She was already volunteering at Claire House and for the Katie Piper Foundation but wanted to help something she was really passionate about.

Claire’s mum was an oncology nurse at Clatterbridge. “She is the most caring person I have ever met in my life and adored her job. She had to retire due to ill health and I wanted to carry on her good work by giving something back to help people who are critically ill and need extra support.”

Claire works full time as a PA to a Headteacher / Clerk to Governors and Human Resources for a school.

“I volunteer for as many shifts as I possibly can for the Hospice, helping out on the main reception and with general duties. I adore my work at Wirral Hospice and have met the most amazing people ever. I would do more if I could!

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Ways of supporting our Hospice’s work #charity # fundraising #volunteering #kindness

wirral_hospice_john_bear_craneJanuary and February are notoriously tight months; usually spending as little as possible to try and recover from the hit of Christmas presents and all the social events during the festive months (that have been known to start before September is even over. For some people at least!). Lots of big hearty home-cooked meals, rather than takeaways, and cutting back on non-essential spending, like expensive frothy coffees and shop-bought lunches.

Many of us use these early months as a great opportunity to kick-start or get back into fitness programmes. Aiming for a more honed, toned and healthy body by the time the sun makes a fleeting appearance later in the year. Well that’s the plan we initially dream of, some of us fall victim to temptation along the way.

Usually people feel a bit more relaxed financially by the end of March so it’s a good time to assess finances and the time we can offer to those around us. Running a family home can be expensive and can often take all of our time, we are all too aware of that, so not everyone can easily afford to spare money at the end of each month or volunteer for good causes.

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