#Recycling makes the world go round

Some of the ways we recycle

Here at Wirral Hospice St John’s we like to be inventive in our fundraising, from fancy executive balls, to car boot sales, duck races and our weekly lottery just to name a few.  We also recycle, so along with saving the planet – recycling helps to fund the amazing work the Hospice does.

We know that we all live in an increasingly throw away world, everything comes in disposable packaging, or has a limited life, new things become old so fast and it seems such a waste to keep throwing things into the bin.  Recycling has been around for a while now, and ‘green’ living is becoming increasingly a part of every day life for most.  We are all used to recycling paper, card, plastics and tins at home – but what about more expensive items like mobile phones, printer cartridges or clothes?

In the end everything has its value and it’s amazing what can be achieved through recycling, here are some stunning Hospice facts:

In 2012 we recycled nearly 14 tonnes of rags!

We  recycled over 120 trees worth of paper.

In the last three months of 2013 we recycled over 100 mobile phones.

We have received foreign currency from over a quarter of all the world’s countries including:

Australia; USA; Norway; Kenya; Canada; Croatia; Malaysia; Hong Kong; Turkey; Jamaica; Costa Rica; India; Swaziland; Czech Republic; China; Barbados; Singapore; Philippines; United Arab Emirates; Cyprus; Malawi; Poland; Latvia; New Zealand; South Africa; Hungary; Belgium; France; Spain; Portugal; Italy; Greece; Jordan; Switzerland; Israel; Mexico; Netherlands; Austria; Malta; Sweden; Chile; Lithuania;

Every year we recycle over 80 huge boxes of printer cartridges.

Over the last four years we have raised over £800 by recycling donated stamps!

We accept all of the above at our charity shops and at the Fundraising office at Wirral Hospice St John’s

So if you have any old mobile phones, scrap paper, foreign money, paper, printer cartridges, even gold –  help us to recycle and drop them off at any of or charity shops or at the Fundraising office.  Don’t forget – every donation to our charity shops also counts as recycling!

Author: Jacinta Warwick

Ways of supporting our Hospice’s work #charity # fundraising #volunteering #kindness

wirral_hospice_john_bear_craneJanuary and February are notoriously tight months; usually spending as little as possible to try and recover from the hit of Christmas presents and all the social events during the festive months (that have been known to start before September is even over. For some people at least!). Lots of big hearty home-cooked meals, rather than takeaways, and cutting back on non-essential spending, like expensive frothy coffees and shop-bought lunches.

Many of us use these early months as a great opportunity to kick-start or get back into fitness programmes. Aiming for a more honed, toned and healthy body by the time the sun makes a fleeting appearance later in the year. Well that’s the plan we initially dream of, some of us fall victim to temptation along the way.

Usually people feel a bit more relaxed financially by the end of March so it’s a good time to assess finances and the time we can offer to those around us. Running a family home can be expensive and can often take all of our time, we are all too aware of that, so not everyone can easily afford to spare money at the end of each month or volunteer for good causes.

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