‘Young Person’s Walk’ raises over £600 for Wirral Hospice #hospiceheroes

On Friday 19th December, when most of us were rushing home to switch on the heating, Brittany White, 16 and her team of friends were preparing themselves for a chilly challenge to raise money for Wirral Hospice St John’s.

From Friday to Sunday, the group walked 31.68 miles in 36 hours, camping out in the December cold to ensure the event reached tough status.

After shaving her head in September to support the Hospice (you can read about it here), Brittany felt she could do more and organised a ‘Young Person’s Walk’ with the help of her close friends from the Merseyside Arms Cadets Hoylake Detachment.

Team leader Brittany said “we wanted to challenge ourselves whilst supporting a good cause. Together as a team, we found the challenge difficult but completing it made us all feel so proud and feel that our families would be proud of us too”.

Many within the group spoke about their experiences of Cancer including Olly Fisher, whose Nan passed away due to the disease and Anthony and Brittany White, who lost their Granddad 3 years ago. Team member Owen Lines shared “my Mum suffered with Bowel Cancer and was fortunate enough to beat it”. Brittany added, “everyone in the team, (including our mascot Sam the dog!), feels proud in their own way, for their own reasons”.

The team of young walkers worked hard to make sure they raised as much as they could for Wirral Hospice by fundraising in the community. Over three Sundays in December, they packed bags in heron Foods in Moreton, adding to the total they had raised from family and friends.

“There were times during the challenge that some of us debated whether to continue but as a team, we helped each other and did the miles with only a few blisters. Completing the challenge made us all feel so proud and feel that our families would be proud of us too. It has brought us all closer together and has built up confidence in all of us”.

Brittany and the team have raised a massive £643.49 for  Wirral Hospice St John’s which will make a big difference to our future patients and their families.


Team members: Brittany White (16), Owen Lines (15), Brianne Dysart (15), James Sherritt (15), Oliver Fisher (15), Anthony White (19), Amy Green & Sam the dog.



Brittany loses hair for patient care #hospiceheroes #headshave

Brittany White proved she is no ordinary teenager when she shaved her head at Revive hairdressers on 19th September to raise funds for Wirral Hospice St John’s.

A member of the Merseyside Army Cadets Hoylake Detachment, Brittany, 16, was adamant that she wanted to make a difference by raising money for a charity that has supported many of her family friends.

Brittany enlisted the help of many businesses in Heswall and Moreton, including her Mum’s place of work, Reebees Florist on Pensby Road, to display collection boxes and buckets on their counters in support of her challenge.

Brittany says, “I wanted to help people in the Hospice because I have known many people who have had illnesses like Cancer, including my Uncle and Granddad. I just thought about what others could gain from me doing it and knew it was important”.

When Brittany’s family initially heard about her idea, they didn’t think it would actually happen. Mum, Donna and Dad, Tony said, “We didn’t think Brittany would actually go through with it at first, but as the date moved closer and more sponsorship was raised, we knew it was what she wanted to do”.

As an alopecia sufferer, Donna knows how it hard it is to deal with hair loss and felt worried about Brittany going through a similar situation. The feelings of concern soon subsided as Donna, Tony and many of the businesses on Pensby Road watched Brittany lose her hair for charity. “Now that it has happened, we just feel so proud of her!”

With her long hair having been donated to The Little Princess Trust to make real hair wigs for children sbrittany_white_headshave_linzi_revive_wirral_hospiceuffering from hair loss, Brittany’s challenge has enabled not one, but two charities to benefit from her bravery.

With the help of her support team, Brittany has raised £1000 for Wirral Hospice.

Wirral Hospice St John’s Fundraising Co-ordinator, Kerry Threadgill said, “Shaving your head for charity can be a really scary thing to do but even more so for someone of such a young age. We are so touched by Brittany’s bravery and really commend her for raising such a fantastic amount of money to help provide care for our patients and their families”.

Thank you to everyone who has supported Brittany’s amazing challenge:
Reebees Florist, Revive Hairdressers, Belmar & Liston Funeral Directors, H. Jones & Sons Butchers, Fine Fruits, The Fig Tree Café, Frederick Howard Opticians, Gerrards Bakery, Cards ‘n’ Candy, Numark Pharmacy, Nagra Convenience Store, Merseyside Army Cadets Hoylake Detachment, Brittany’s family, Andy Benson & all of Brittany’s friends and everyone else who has generously donated. Thank you!

­­To support Brittany, visit: https://www.justgiving.com/Brittany-kerry/

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