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wirral_hospice_ian_jones_lottery_managerEvery week 12,800 people support  Wirral Hospice St John’s by taking part in our  lottery.

With more and more people engaging with the Hospice and the lottery, we receive many questions about it.  Today I took the some of the most frequently asked questions to the man in the know – Ian Jones, Lottery Manager.

So Ian, thanks for taking the time to answer some questions.  Firstly I find that people often wonder how £1 per week helps the Hospice, can you tell our readers how lottery membership helps the Hospice?

Well, £1 may not seem like a lot, however it helps provide the equivalent of 10 specialist nurses at the Hospice, allowing for patients to receive the care and support that they need during their time with us – £1 goes a long way!

 How can people join Wirral Hospice’s lottery?

It’s really easy, all you need to do is call the lottery team on 0151 343 0348, or visit our website and download an application form.  We also have lottery staff on hand at many local events and daily within the community who will be able to sign you up!

 Once someone has become a member what happens then?

Once you have paid your £1 weekly membership you will receive a letter with your numbers on, you can check the weekly draw numbers on the Hospice’s website, on facebook, in our charity shops, in all Asda Wirral branches and all Wirral libraries, you can also call the lottery team on 0151 334 0348 and a member of the team will be able to tell you the numbers.  

I sometimes hear from people that they have been in the lottery for a while and haven’t won yet – what do you say to those who are yet to be lucky winners?

Since the lottery started, over 35,000 local residents have won a prize, 700 local residents have also won our weekly top prize of £2,000.  You might be interested to know that the odds of winning the Hospice lottery are higher than that of the National lottery and our tickets are half the price at only £1!

That sounds like a lot of winners over the years, what prizes can players win?

Each week players have the opportunity to win one of 34 prizes:

  • 1st prize £2,000
  • 2nd prize £500 (if not won, can roll over up to a max. of £10,000)
  • 3rd prize £100
  • 4th prize £50
  • 5 x £20 prizes
  • 25 x £10 prizes

This week’s rollover is already up to £2,500!

 So, when I win, how do I claim my lovely prize?

When you win you won’t need to claim your prize – all winners are sent their cheque by 1st class post each Friday after the draw has been run.

 Any final fun facts to tell our readers?

Well, over the years we have had three winners who have won the £10,000 rollover, with many others winning various rollover amounts.  Surprisingly, the first ever rollover winner won on Friday 13th!  On one occasion a lady won the top prize of £2,000, this meant that she was able to buy a stair lift ensuring that she was able to remain in her own home; in her case winning changed her life! Finally, as a rule most people support our Hospice lottery because of the cause it supports – prizes are just an extra bonus.

The lottery is a fun and exciting way to support the Hospice, I know I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a win!

Author: Jacinta Warwick

Just The Ticket!!

There was added excitement in the air for the weekly Hospice Lottery draw on Friday the 19th October. Not only was the weekly £2000 winner to be decided but one lucky person was about to become the winner of a staggering £10,000.

Each week the lottery has one guaranteed £2000 jackpot winner and a second prize of £500 which if not won rolls over to the next week. Once that rollover prize hits £10,000 it must be won.

The lucky winner of our biggest possible jackpot was a Mr G Smith of Wallasey. When informed of his win, ‘Mr S’ was shocked but delighted. Mr G Smith purchased a single ticket from our kiosk at the Asda supermarket in Liscard.

Mr G Smith is the third £10,000 jackpot winner this year! Why not join our lottery today and you too could be a lucky winner and help support the fantastic work that goes on at Wirral Hospice St Johns.

To contact our Lottery team please phone 0151 334 0348.

Hospice Care Week (8-14 Oct 2012)

Wirral Hospice St John’s will proudly be taking action during Hospice Care Week to help raise the profile of Hospice care. We invite you to take part in our short and anonymous survey about Hospice care.

As part of the Help the Hospices campaign, we are joining forces with more than 100 Hospices around the UK to highlight how Hospices reach out to support their local communities – and in our case specifically, the Wirral community.

Julie Gorry, Wirral Hospice’s Chief Executive, said: “It’s so important to us to be out there in the local community during Hospice Care Week. We are very grateful to all of our supporters and volunteers for making Wirral Hospice St John’s such a wonderful place to be. What’s crucial though is that we continue to make sure people know what patient care is available to them and how they can be looked after by our Hospice if it was ever needed.”

Across the week, staff and volunteers from Wirral Hospice St John’s will be out and about in the local community. These are some of the key locations we’ll be at:

  • Tue 9 Oct – Asda Birkenhead
  • Wed 10 Oct – St Catherine’s hospital
  • Thu 11 Oct – Asda Liscard
  • Fri 12 Oct – Asda Woodchurch
  • Sat 13 Oct – Marquee outside Wirral Hospice St John’s Heswall shop
  • Sat 13 Oct – Japan Day, Birkenhead library
  • Sun 14 Oct – Liverpool Marathon, water point at mile 11

Wirral Hospice St John’s has a team of 20 runners taking part in the Liverpool Marathon. There are also five runners taking part in the 10km leg of the route on the same day, including local MP Alison McGovern and two of her colleagues.

Alison said: “Wirral Hospice St John’s does a fantastic job and having recently visited the Hospice, I can really see the difference they make in looking after people when they really need that kind of specialist care. My team and I are very proud to be taking part in the 10km Liverpool on their behalf.”

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