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Registered Charity No. 510643

Teresa Nightingale is Wirral Hospice’s Head of Fundraising. The majority of income comes from voluntary donations from the Wirral community, local companies and charitable trusts to whom we are very grateful.

Follow her at www.twitter.com/trenightingale @trenightingale

Billy Howard is Wirral Hospice’s Marketing Officer. His role is to help tell the wonderful stories and share news of life around the hospice.

Follow him at www.twitter.com/BillyHospice @billyhospice

Jacinta (Cinta) Warwick is one of Wirral Hospice’s Fundraising Officers, she supports all aspects of our fundraising team’s work – from printing out thank you letters and cards to our lovely supporters; to developing promotional campaigns for all the different ways people can donate to us.

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