Thank you to all who have supported our #Rocktober shenanigans!

teresa_nightingale_wirral_hospice_rocktoberWe’ve had a real laugh around Wirral Hospice St John’s today; at ourselves and putting some smiles on some of our patients and their visitors. Hopefully we haven’t scared too many people with our #Rocktober rock outfits, some of which have bordered on more than just a little scary?!

Although it might seem frivolous, we’ve been dressing down today to raise awareness of our Hospice’s special work. And importantly to raise a bit of money towards our charity’s care and support of patients and their loved ones.

wirral_hospice_rocktober_2015We appreciate not everyone can take part in fundraising activities like this but if you did or even if you’d like to just make a small donation in support, you can do so by texting RCKT66 £2, £5 or £10 to 70070.

If you would like to do something like a dress-down day or put on a fundraising event in aid of our Hospice, please contact me or one of my fundraising colleagues on 0151 343 0778 to talk through any ideas you might have. We’d be happy to help with designing marketing materials, promote your plans on our social media sites and come along on the day to say thank you.

In the meantime, Happy Halloween and Happy #Rocktober!
Thank you so much!
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Our Head of Clinical Services @judiebbrell on final hurdle with Masters Degree in Leadership #andersonprog #HospiceCareWeek

wirral_hospice_judi_ebbrellI passed!

Friday was the dreaded ‘D’ day when I received the notification that I had passed my dissertation – the final hurdle in the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson MSC in Healthcare Leadership #andersonprog. The Elizabeth Garrett Anderson programme is one of the NHS Leadership Academy’s courses developed out of the realisation post-Francis Report of the need to develop a new type of leadership in the NHS. I am very proud of the fact that I have been one of the pioneering first cohort of students to complete the programme.

My personal leadership journey started in the NHS and when I moved to Wirral Hospice St John’s part way through. I questioned whether the course was still relevant and would equip me to lead within the hospice environment. Through reflection, one of the central components of the course, I soon came to the conclusion that the course content and skills I was developing would certainly help within the ever-changing and complex hospice world.

The programme was based around the following themes:

  • Ensuring that patients have good quality and safe experiences
  • Understanding how I, as a leader, make a difference to improving patient experience
  • Enabling others to give their best to improve the patient experience
  • Embedding behaviours that improve the patient experience
  • Making person-centred coordinated care happen
  • Making decisions based upon the best available evidence to improve the patient experience
  • Creating value for patients and the public

All of which are highly relevant to my work in the hospice. Even the ‘Golden Threads’ of quality, patient experience and equality and diversity that ran through the programme seem to fit perfectly with hospice care.

The skills and knowledge gained during the two years will equip me to develop services in the hospice that are high quality, truly meet the needs of our patients and families and ensure we are valuing and embracing the diversity of the community that we serve. Looking to the future my aim is to develop services in new ways in order maximise the use of our limited resource in partnership with others and ensure more people in Wirral are supported to live well and die with dignity in the pace of their choice where possible.

The final event of the course included day of celebration run by the cohort of students #egafinalevent1. Notably the day included two inspirational speakers whose words (for very different reasons!) will stay with me for a long time! Roy Lilly @RoyLilley described good leadership as be about being visible, having vision and empowering innovation and Tommy Whitelaw @tommyNtour urged us all to be the one who makes the difference.

Author: Judi Ebbrell, Head of Clinical Services
Twitter: @judiebbrell
Or contact Judi via Maxine Ashton, Secretary to Consultants / Head of Clinical Services on  0151 334 2778 /

Blog post on #HospiceCareWeek by our Chief Executive @Julie_Gorry

julie_gorry‘Connecting Care’ is the theme for this year’s Hospice Care Week, which starts today and is co-ordinated by Hospice UK. This is a topic that we hold very dear here at Wirral Hospice St John’s. One of our greatest aspirations is that people who are reaching the end stages of their lives should receive seamless, wraparound care, freeing them from worry and concern as they try to access different services.

We want people to understand that the work we carry out, although specifically for people who need palliative care, is an integral part of the services available to the community, and Hospice care reaches out to not just patients but families and carers too.

Our Hospice is a micro-community in its own right, and is unashamedly tapping into the current move to enjoy creating and tasting delicious things. We’re having our very own ‘Bake Off’ on Sat 10 Oct, when staff and volunteers are pitting their culinary skills against one another to produce a winning confection.

Please come along and try out the entries – make your own judgment too – between 10am and 2pm, and take the opportunity to see the Hospice.

John Bear, Wirral Hospice’s mascot, is rumoured to be coming, and you know what bears are like when there’s cake around!

Author: Julie Gorry, Chief Executive
Twitter: @Julie_Gorry
Or contact Julie via Jill Cheseldine, PA to Chief Executive 0151 334 2778 /

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