‘Young Person’s Walk’ raises over £600 for Wirral Hospice #hospiceheroes

On Friday 19th December, when most of us were rushing home to switch on the heating, Brittany White, 16 and her team of friends were preparing themselves for a chilly challenge to raise money for Wirral Hospice St John’s.

From Friday to Sunday, the group walked 31.68 miles in 36 hours, camping out in the December cold to ensure the event reached tough status.

After shaving her head in September to support the Hospice (you can read about it here), Brittany felt she could do more and organised a ‘Young Person’s Walk’ with the help of her close friends from the Merseyside Arms Cadets Hoylake Detachment.

Team leader Brittany said “we wanted to challenge ourselves whilst supporting a good cause. Together as a team, we found the challenge difficult but completing it made us all feel so proud and feel that our families would be proud of us too”.

Many within the group spoke about their experiences of Cancer including Olly Fisher, whose Nan passed away due to the disease and Anthony and Brittany White, who lost their Granddad 3 years ago. Team member Owen Lines shared “my Mum suffered with Bowel Cancer and was fortunate enough to beat it”. Brittany added, “everyone in the team, (including our mascot Sam the dog!), feels proud in their own way, for their own reasons”.

The team of young walkers worked hard to make sure they raised as much as they could for Wirral Hospice by fundraising in the community. Over three Sundays in December, they packed bags in heron Foods in Moreton, adding to the total they had raised from family and friends.

“There were times during the challenge that some of us debated whether to continue but as a team, we helped each other and did the miles with only a few blisters. Completing the challenge made us all feel so proud and feel that our families would be proud of us too. It has brought us all closer together and has built up confidence in all of us”.

Brittany and the team have raised a massive £643.49 for  Wirral Hospice St John’s which will make a big difference to our future patients and their families.


Team members: Brittany White (16), Owen Lines (15), Brianne Dysart (15), James Sherritt (15), Oliver Fisher (15), Anthony White (19), Amy Green & Sam the dog.



Today is #WorldCancerDay, raising awareness of the many aspects of caring for people affected by the disease #palliativecare

uicc_world_cancer_day_wirral_hospiceToday is World Cancer Day, a global awareness campaign co-ordinated by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC). Thousands of cancer and health charities, along with Hospices are united together to let the world know what we are doing to support the various aspects of caring and supporting people affected by the disease:

  • Prevention
  • Early Detection
  • Treatment
  • Quality

The UICC have set down some firm World Cancer Declaration Targets to be met by 2025, the ones that most relate to us are set out in this Quality of Life factsheet.

At Wirral Hospice St John’s the majority of our patients have cancer. Although we also care for people with other illnesses such as heart disease, and respiratory and neurological conditions, cancer is still the most common disease we are providing end of life and palliative care for. Our role as a Hospice is to try to keep our patients as independent as possible for as long as they have;  we provide care and support in terms of medication management and symptom control but we also provide practical guidance such as financial advice to help people plan for their families’ future when they are no longer around. In addition to that, we offer health and well-being support in the form of physiotherapy, creative therapy, aromatherapy and relaxation techniques. We care for each patient on an individual basis; no two patients have identical illnesses or needs or wishes in how they’d like to be cared for.

Families are at the heart of everything we do at Wirral Hospice St John’s, so we not only look after our patients but try to give us much support as we can to their loved ones as well. Whilst our patients are still with us, but also after they’ve gone we go on to provide bereavement support for as long as it’s needed by carers and families.

If you are a patient, or care or relative of a patient, and you think you or someone close to you might benefit from care at Wirral Hospice St John’s, please speak with your GP, your consultant, your nurse specialist or district nurse and they can advise you on the procedure for being referred into our care. Please also call us directly on 0151 334 2778 if you have any questions or queries – we are open 24hrs a day, all year round.

Author: Teresa Nightingale

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