Texting ‘WHSJ88’ £5 to 70070 can make a huge difference to our patients and their loved ones #familiesmatter #hospicecare

teresa_nightingale_photo“Looking after our patients and their families is central to everything we do at Wirral Hospice St John’s. It’s the reason we are here and the reason we have grown and evolved our care so much over the last 30 years. Support from the Wirral community has helped us to do that. YOU have helped us to do that. Thank you!”

Teresa Nightingale, the Hospice’s Head of Fundraising knows it’s not as simple as just asking people for money. “Everyone has personal pressures on what they can spend their money on: mortgage or rent, bills, food, clothing, family trips, school trips, presents. We understand that, which is why we offer people options on how they might wish to support us.

Anything from taking part in a running event, where they are asking lots of people to sponsor smaller amounts towards a bigger pot, or organising their own event such as a coffee morning or afternoon tea, where again other people can contribute smaller amounts to raise a larger amount of money.

Even texting ‘WHSJ88’ £5 to 70070 can make a huge difference to our patients and their loved ones. Or you can donate online via our JustGiving Appeal page.

We are also asking local companies to get involved, they can pick us as a Charity of the Year or organise a one-off employee event to support us. People can join our weekly lottery or buy something from one of our charity shops or gift shop. Or have a collection box in their home to catch loose change – and this is only a few suggestions of how people can help!

We also appreciate that other charities ask and need support, so we are one of several deserving organisations that people may be approached by.”

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You shall go to the #masquerade #ball

Masque Mask

In September Wirral Hospice St John’s will be celebrating the end of summer in style with our luxurious Masquerade Ball.  A perfect opportunity to have some fun, the ball will be held on Friday 5th September at the award-winning, four-star Thornton Hall Hotel, with headline entertainment from local band Freak Out who will be playing late into the night.

Moving away from the more traditional Viennese masquerade we are taking the ball to South America for a modern and vibrant Latin party.  Guests will arrive like masked superstars on a red carpet (with obligatory photographer), and will enjoy our unique ‘Masquerade’ cocktail on the terrace before the electric atmosphere of a Latin carnival starts.

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Three of our patients talk about what our Hospice means to them and their loved ones #familiesmatter #hospicecare


What does the word ‘Hospice’ mean to you?

If you asked that question to the patients at Wirral Hospice St John’s, you’d probably be surprised at the answer.  Largely speaking, they are confident and optimistic for the future, sure in the knowledge that, although seriously ill, they are living their lives as fully and as comfortably as possible. Hospice means a safe haven, where they are helped to live how they want as well as they can.

Diagnosis of a serious incurable condition comes as a shock to most people. They often envisage a short and bleak future. The Hospice comes in at this point and, in addition to giving care and helping people to stabilise their conditions, it gives them confidence for the future.

John, is living with cancer, he has been coming to Wirral Hospice for 18 months, “When I was diagnosed, life became absolutely full. Doctors, nurses, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy: something was going on all the time. Then, at the finish, I felt cast adrift – busy every day of the week, and then nothing. Then the Hospice came into my life, and offered me a lifeline. It was a regular thing that I could rely on.”

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John Bear, Wirral Hospice’s mascot reveals all… #familiesmatter #hairy

wirral_hospice_john_bear_dancingHi I’m John Bear! As Wirral Hospice St John’s friendliest (and hairiest) member of the team, I get to do lots of fun stuff!

The whole point of the Hospice is to look after people who need special caring. Although I can’t do that – for a start my paws are too big and none of the uniforms fit me – I can help raise a smile and also cheer on and encourage the kind people who do their very best to raise funds to keep the Hospice going.

I also visit schools as part of the Hospice’s schools’ project, which is specially designed to help children cope with their emotions when someone near to them is incurably ill. The special team at the Hospice can also provide training for teachers to help children when someone close to them dies.

I love going to the schools and meeting all the children. I hear lots of funny stories and sad ones too, which is exactly why I’m there – to help children talk about their feelings and encourage them to share their experiences with friends. My role is to teach children that it’s ok to laugh when remembering a loved one and that’s ok to cry and be sad sometimes too. I help them know where to turn when they want to talk to someone or need a hug.

There has been a lot of sport going on lately. I like to keep active, even though I get really hot and sweaty in the sunshine. Anyway, I was getting really into the World Cup football fever, well I was up until England lost their chance of winning.

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