Gleek chic #hospiceheroes #volunteersweek

It’s a family affair, if you forgive the pun…

Alice Meehan, Wirral Hospice St John’s Clinical Support Administrator, sings out with Gleek Club Pop Choir. Her Mum, Pat, who regularly volunteers at the Hospice in Fundraising, and her sister Cathleen also sing with Gleek.

They have been in the choir for 2 years and practise with them each Monday night at Heswall Royal British Legion Club.

Alice, Pat and all the ladies from Gleek all got into the spirit of last year’s Hospice Care Week. Every member of the choir pledged to talk to at least five other people and to let them know why Hospice care is so important.

Well done and thank you to our tuneful trio and their fellow singing colleagues in Gleek; you’re definitely harmonious Hospice Heroes!

It’s a family affair with Gleek Club Pop Choir for Alice, Pat and Cathleen

The ladies from Gleek Club Pop Choir taking the pledge as part of Hospice Care Week

Author: Liz Rice, Hospice Volunteer


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