Wirral Hospice objects to planning application to build amenity restaurant nearby

drayton_motorsA planning application has been made for development of Drayton Motors into an amenity restaurant by Greene King, who own 1,600 pubs in the UK. Over 50 percent of the floor space is proposed for a bar area.

Now although it would be lovely to have a nice new pub/restaurant in the area, its proximity to Wirral Hospice St John’s and particularly the ward area poses concerns, which is why the Hospice is objecting the plans.

The Hospice’s main concerns have been sent to Wirral Council and focus on the following:

  1. The significant increase in activity and noise – it is proposed the restaurant will be open from 7am-11pm so there will be a lot of additional traffic and noise at all times of the day, including early morning and late night deliveries and waste collections
  2. Traffic congestion and safety
  3. The security of our building and safety of our staff, patients and  families, especially at night (especially important in light of the recent theft of a catalytic converter from our patient minibus)
  4. Competition with our own catering facility, the Hub, as well as other Clatterbridge Health Park food facilities
  5. Possible future developments that would affect the hospice e.g. flashing signs, speakers on patio, large parties, spotlights, special events/ BBQs, change to a public house…

We would like the local community to know our position on the planning application and are asking for those who support our objection to either sign-up to an online petition or write a short letter to Wirral Council, which can either be dropped off directly at the Hospice’s main reception and we will forward it on or by writing directly to the Council:

FAO Mrs C Parker (App/14/00038)
Dept of Regeneration
Housing and Planning
North Annexe
Brighton Street
CH44 8ED

We kindly request that all letters of objection are submitted by Mon 24 March 2014. Thank you in advance if you are able to write a short objection letter.

Author: Teresa Nightingale


13 Responses to “Wirral Hospice objects to planning application to build amenity restaurant nearby”

  1. wirralhospice Says:

    A quick update on this topic. Wirral Hospice St John’s have recently been advised by the Planning Officer at Wirral Council that the applicant (Greene King, brewery) has withdrawn their application in relation to the Drayton Motors Volvo garage site. It is understood this is mainly due to them being advised it was looking likely the application would be refused due to 1) planning policy issues and 2) the strength and number of objections. Thank you to all who supported the Hospice in letting our concerns be known. Obviously any applicant has the opportunity to re-submit at a later date so we will keep you updated on any future development applications. Thank you again, your support was overwhelming and very much appreciated!

    Author: Teresa Nightingale, on behalf of the staff and trustees at the Hospice

  2. N.Houghton-Best Says:

    I fully support action to NOT open a public house in the same area as the hospice. This is wrong and inconsiderate.

  3. M Sant Says:

    Thank you

  4. M Sant Says:

    I totally disagree with your objections. I can seriously say I’ve eaten at, walked/driven past and even worked at a vast number of this type of restaurants and can truthfully say I’ve never encountered ‘flashing signs’ (very 60’s) or speakers on patios etc. As far as I’m aware they’re not being proposed anyway! As to the noise? Exactly what extra noise are you talking about? The cars that pull in and out of the resturant will be moving slowly, (causing very little engine noise) and the amount of vehicles will only be close in amount to that which uses the garage today! Besides, aren’t most of the hospital buildings that are next the garage just offices anyway? And those that may be ‘closest’ have their patient’s woken up early by the nursing staff… Having had the unfortunate need to stay in Clatterbridge Hospital on a number of occasions, (one of the best standards of care I’ve ever recieved by the way!) I can’t say I’ve even noticed the noise of the constant traffic within the grounds, let alone any outside the grounds!
    As far as being in competition with the ‘Hub’ is concerned, you hardly offer a michelin star service to be worried about, you infact offer a reasonable meal at a reasonable price and your customer base is hardly likely to hike right across the hospital ground to pay more for their lunch! Therefore I don’t think you can object to competition of a such a different nature!
    As to safety, why are you implying that a restaurant like this will be attracting thieves and robbers? Is there a mafia connection that the rest of us are unaware of? Remember, it was your own security system that was obviously unfit if someone could find the opportunity to steal your catalytic conveter so don’t push your inability to stay secure onto others!
    Finally as to traffic congestion, I don’t believe there will much difference to the traffic using the service station at the moment.
    I have often thought it would be a great idea for a place such as this to be in this area. I don’t want to have to drive into the hospital just to grab a nice burger and chips when I’m passing by (which is often!) It’s a place for people that need to be there not a place of enjoyment!
    I say the best of luck to the devolopers, I’ll sign ‘their’ petition! (Which shouldn’t need a captive, biased following…)

    • wirralhospice Says:

      Some of your criticisms of our objections seem a little harshly worded. We are sorry that you do not support our objection but you are fully entitled to your opinion.

  5. Chris Merritt Says:

    The hours of the development are of major concern and would certainly impinge on those people trying to die with dignity in an existing peaceful setting. Perhaps the developer might be interested in turning it all into a garden with flowers, fruits and vegetables to attract the birds and butterflies. Have their been any discussions between the developer and Hospice?

  6. James Says:

    Think a new attraction in the area is a brilliant idea

    • wirralhospice Says:

      I have allowed your comment onto the blog as everyone is entitled to their opinion. We understand that not everyone will support our objection or perhaps understand why the proximity of a restaurant could diminish the peaceful and calm environment we create at the Hospice for our critically ill patients.

  7. Graham Stazicker Says:

    I do not wish to see a pub-restaurant on the site opposite Clatterbridge Hospital. Not now, not ever!

  8. chloe steadman Says:

    i work at clatterbridge and by all means do not think that should go there at all going the share this on facebook many thanks

  9. David Graham Says:

    I fully support the objection to planning permission for an amenity restaurant on the site of Drayton Motors.

  10. Sophy Holland Says:

    Teresa, can you not start an online petition? If it gets over a certain amount of signatures, the council will have to review it before planning applications get underway. People generally may not get round to writing letters, however with the power of social media, you may have a better chance of opposition with a petition? Sophy

    • wirralhospice Says:

      Thanks Sophy, we’ve got a paper petition on the go at the Hospice but you’re right, I’ll look into what we can set up online quite quickly. Thanks for the suggestion!

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