#Recycling makes the world go round

Some of the ways we recycle

Here at Wirral Hospice St John’s we like to be inventive in our fundraising, from fancy executive balls, to car boot sales, duck races and our weekly lottery just to name a few.  We also recycle, so along with saving the planet – recycling helps to fund the amazing work the Hospice does.

We know that we all live in an increasingly throw away world, everything comes in disposable packaging, or has a limited life, new things become old so fast and it seems such a waste to keep throwing things into the bin.  Recycling has been around for a while now, and ‘green’ living is becoming increasingly a part of every day life for most.  We are all used to recycling paper, card, plastics and tins at home – but what about more expensive items like mobile phones, printer cartridges or clothes?

In the end everything has its value and it’s amazing what can be achieved through recycling, here are some stunning Hospice facts:

In 2012 we recycled nearly 14 tonnes of rags!

We  recycled over 120 trees worth of paper.

In the last three months of 2013 we recycled over 100 mobile phones.

We have received foreign currency from over a quarter of all the world’s countries including:

Australia; USA; Norway; Kenya; Canada; Croatia; Malaysia; Hong Kong; Turkey; Jamaica; Costa Rica; India; Swaziland; Czech Republic; China; Barbados; Singapore; Philippines; United Arab Emirates; Cyprus; Malawi; Poland; Latvia; New Zealand; South Africa; Hungary; Belgium; France; Spain; Portugal; Italy; Greece; Jordan; Switzerland; Israel; Mexico; Netherlands; Austria; Malta; Sweden; Chile; Lithuania;

Every year we recycle over 80 huge boxes of printer cartridges.

Over the last four years we have raised over £800 by recycling donated stamps!

We accept all of the above at our charity shops and at the Fundraising office at Wirral Hospice St John’s

So if you have any old mobile phones, scrap paper, foreign money, paper, printer cartridges, even gold –  help us to recycle and drop them off at any of or charity shops or at the Fundraising office.  Don’t forget – every donation to our charity shops also counts as recycling!

Author: Jacinta Warwick


Everything you need to know about our #lottery

wirral_hospice_ian_jones_lottery_managerEvery week 12,800 people support  Wirral Hospice St John’s by taking part in our  lottery.

With more and more people engaging with the Hospice and the lottery, we receive many questions about it.  Today I took the some of the most frequently asked questions to the man in the know – Ian Jones, Lottery Manager.

So Ian, thanks for taking the time to answer some questions.  Firstly I find that people often wonder how £1 per week helps the Hospice, can you tell our readers how lottery membership helps the Hospice?

Well, £1 may not seem like a lot, however it helps provide the equivalent of 10 specialist nurses at the Hospice, allowing for patients to receive the care and support that they need during their time with us – £1 goes a long way!

 How can people join Wirral Hospice’s lottery?

It’s really easy, all you need to do is call the lottery team on 0151 343 0348, or visit our website and download an application form.  We also have lottery staff on hand at many local events and daily within the community who will be able to sign you up!

 Once someone has become a member what happens then?

Once you have paid your £1 weekly membership you will receive a letter with your numbers on, you can check the weekly draw numbers on the Hospice’s website, on facebook, in our charity shops, in all Asda Wirral branches and all Wirral libraries, you can also call the lottery team on 0151 334 0348 and a member of the team will be able to tell you the numbers.  

I sometimes hear from people that they have been in the lottery for a while and haven’t won yet – what do you say to those who are yet to be lucky winners?

Since the lottery started, over 35,000 local residents have won a prize, 700 local residents have also won our weekly top prize of £2,000.  You might be interested to know that the odds of winning the Hospice lottery are higher than that of the National lottery and our tickets are half the price at only £1!

That sounds like a lot of winners over the years, what prizes can players win?

Each week players have the opportunity to win one of 34 prizes:

  • 1st prize £2,000
  • 2nd prize £500 (if not won, can roll over up to a max. of £10,000)
  • 3rd prize £100
  • 4th prize £50
  • 5 x £20 prizes
  • 25 x £10 prizes

This week’s rollover is already up to £2,500!

 So, when I win, how do I claim my lovely prize?

When you win you won’t need to claim your prize – all winners are sent their cheque by 1st class post each Friday after the draw has been run.

 Any final fun facts to tell our readers?

Well, over the years we have had three winners who have won the £10,000 rollover, with many others winning various rollover amounts.  Surprisingly, the first ever rollover winner won on Friday 13th!  On one occasion a lady won the top prize of £2,000, this meant that she was able to buy a stair lift ensuring that she was able to remain in her own home; in her case winning changed her life! Finally, as a rule most people support our Hospice lottery because of the cause it supports – prizes are just an extra bonus.

The lottery is a fun and exciting way to support the Hospice, I know I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a win!

Author: Jacinta Warwick

Why Irene Kelly has written her second book #hospiceheroes

wirral_hospice_irene_kellyIrene Kelly started volunteering for the Hospice in 1997 shortly after her brother-in-law died here. She said that the nurses had cared so well for him she just wanted to give something back.

She pounded the pavements and knocked on doors asking people to support the Hospice by taking part in its weekly lottery. Irene loves meeting people and raising money for the Hospice so it was the perfect role for her. Come rain or shine she has been out there, and mostly in the wind and rain!

Irene is embarrassed to call herself a writer, she sees herself as more of a ‘scribbler’. She’s been scribbling for a long time, and used to write poems for colleagues to put in birthday cards. Her first book, ‘Tea in a Jam Jar’ (published in 2010 £7.50) came about after she began researching her family tree about 25 years ago. It helped jog her memory of events related to her family members. Irene’s daughter Tracey encouraged her mum to put pen to paper so that the memories and funny stories could be there for her grandchildren to read. Irene has four children, three grandchildren and is about to be a great grandmother for the first time!

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Wirral Hospice objects to planning application to build amenity restaurant nearby

drayton_motorsA planning application has been made for development of Drayton Motors into an amenity restaurant by Greene King, who own 1,600 pubs in the UK. Over 50 percent of the floor space is proposed for a bar area.

Now although it would be lovely to have a nice new pub/restaurant in the area, its proximity to Wirral Hospice St John’s and particularly the ward area poses concerns, which is why the Hospice is objecting the plans.

The Hospice’s main concerns have been sent to Wirral Council and focus on the following:

  1. The significant increase in activity and noise – it is proposed the restaurant will be open from 7am-11pm so there will be a lot of additional traffic and noise at all times of the day, including early morning and late night deliveries and waste collections
  2. Traffic congestion and safety
  3. The security of our building and safety of our staff, patients and  families, especially at night (especially important in light of the recent theft of a catalytic converter from our patient minibus)
  4. Competition with our own catering facility, the Hub, as well as other Clatterbridge Health Park food facilities
  5. Possible future developments that would affect the hospice e.g. flashing signs, speakers on patio, large parties, spotlights, special events/ BBQs, change to a public house…

We would like the local community to know our position on the planning application and are asking for those who support our objection to either sign-up to an online petition or write a short letter to Wirral Council, which can either be dropped off directly at the Hospice’s main reception and we will forward it on or by writing directly to the Council:

FAO Mrs C Parker (App/14/00038)
Dept of Regeneration
Housing and Planning
North Annexe
Brighton Street
CH44 8ED

We kindly request that all letters of objection are submitted by Mon 24 March 2014. Thank you in advance if you are able to write a short objection letter.

Author: Teresa Nightingale

Shocking news: catalytic converter stolen from Wirral Hospice’s patient minibus

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100Staff at Wirral Hospice were devastated to discover that thieves had stolen the catalytic converter from the Hospice’s patient minibus on Mon 17 Mar 2014, leaving it off the road until it can be fixed.

This morning, the Hospice’s driver collected patients coming in for medical assessments and day therapy services as usual but something wasn’t quite right with the minibus so it was taken to a local garage to be checked out. The mechanics noticed straight away that the converter had been removed and it is being kept in until a new part can be delivered and fitted.

The night watchman on duty at the Hospice last night spotted someone lurking by the minibus but when he went to investigate the person ran off. As the watchman continued his security round, he spotted the person run back, pick something up from the ground before running off for good. Upon closer inspection, nothing seemed untoward with the minibus – its doors and windows were all in tact and no obvious attempt at a break-in.

CCTV is in operation at the Hospice but unfortunately it was too dark in the car park to get a good quality image of exactly what happened. The person spotted was male and in their twenties but it not known if they were working alone or there may have been others in the vicinity who were just not seen.

The police have been informed and will be investigating the matter but the Hospice is asking anyone that works in local garages to be aware of people asking for catalytic converters to be fitted as it could be related to the incident.

The minibus will be off the road for at least a day to get repaired, at considerable cost to the Hospice that should not have had to be spent. It will cost in the region of £1,200 to repair, which is significantly discounted by the garage. Unfortunately it needs to be fixed sooner rather than later, which means that the Hospice can’t really wait to see if someone would generously come forward to donate one. In the meantime, the Hospice also has to find and pay for other means of transport for its patients over the next few days.

Elaine Pugh, Outpatients Services Manager said: “It’s disgusting that someone would do this. Our patient minibus is a lifeline to patients who are critically ill and need to access the Hospice for care and support. I can’t believe someone would stoop so low as to steal from a Hospice without any thought to the impact and upheaval their theft would cause. It’s heartbreaking really.”

The Hospice is always grateful for any kind of support but if anyone would like to make a small donation specifically to help with the cost of replacing the catalytic converter they can do so by sending a cheque, made payable to ‘Wirral Hospice St John’s’ to:

Wirral Hospice St John’s
Patient Minibus Catalytic Converter
Fundraising Dept
Mount Road
Higher Bebington
CH63 6JE

By texting ‘WHSJ77’ and an amount (£5 or more please) to 70070

If you’d like to make a small contribution to help the Hospice pay for a new catalytic converter, you can donate via JustGiving’s site: http://www.justgiving.com/patientminibus

Thank you in advance for any support you might be able to give!

Author: Teresa Nightingale

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